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Since 2009, mindbodygreen has offered a 360-degree approach to well-being and made it our mission to make the research-based solutions of functional medicine and holistic healing widely available.

Our groundbreaking supplements and personal care lines target the top concerns of modern well-being seekers. We are obsessive about the quality and bioavailability of our nutrients and bioactives, aiming to radically transform your health - from the inside out and outside in.*

Our online classes and trainings invite students to learn from the world’s top experts in functional nutrition, yoga, meditation, fitness, breathwork, relationships, and more. The groundbreaking Health Coach Certification program helps those serious about their well-being channel their passion into a profession by preparing to take an NBHWC board-certification health coaching exam.

Supplements and personal care

20% Commission On Average Order Value Of $70+

Our groundbreaking science-backed supplements and personal care lines target the top concerns of modern well-being seekers: restorative sleep, healthy aging, gut health, and natural beauty. We are obsessive about sourcing the quality and purity of our nutrients and bioactives and conducting extensive testing to help you radically transform your health - from the inside out and outside in. Take a look for yourself https://shop.mindbodygreen.com/

Health coaching

30% Commission On Average Order Value Of $3,999

We've tapped the top doctors, wellness professionals and board-certified health coaches to create comprehensive trainings that will help transform your passion for well-being into purpose. Through a mix of synchronous and asynchronous virtual classes, our Health Coach Certification program prepares aspiring coaches to take a board certification exam in just 20 weeks. The world’s most prominent medical and wellness experts created a fully asynchronous Functional Nutrition Training that builds deep nutritional expertise and helps you use food as medicine, address ongoing health issues or expand your practice. Learn more https://www.mindbodygreen.com/coaching

Classes all-access

20% Commission On Average Order Value Of $449

From yoga, meditation and exercise classes to relationships, home design, astrology, healthy cooking and more, our classes offer lifelong learning for everyone across the full 360 degree spectrum of health and well-being. All taught by the world's top doctors and experts. Check them out at https://www.mindbodygreen.com/classes

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I love the range of mbg products I can offer my audience. It makes it easy to craft custom messages that resonate with my readers. And the commission structure is lucrative - mbg is now a steady part of my monthly income.

— Jessica L.

mbg makes it easy to package their offerings to your audience. In the first two months of selling the digital courses, I made more with mbg than I have with other partners I’ve been working with for years.

— Laila P.


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